Family Receives THIS Note On Their Receipt After Berating Nephew For Being Gay


A woman overheard a family berating their nephew for “choosing” to be gay, so she paid for their dinner and responded with this note…

Credit: Natalie Woods / Distractify

Credit: Natalie Woods / Distractify

Despite popular belief, homosexuality is not choice. One cannot help who they fall in love with or whom they are attracted to. Unfortunately, the majority of the populace hasn’t gotten this memo, and for curious reasons, individuals who might label themselves as ‘gay’ are often shamed, verbally attacked, and sometimes violently threatened.

A family in Texas, USA, learned this the hard way after they received a note on their receipt from a woman who was upset by the way they were treating a member of the family who had recently ‘come out’. The Huffington Post relays that Natalie Woods, an openly gay woman herself, heard the family close to her at a restaurant berating their nephew for being gay, saying they were “disgusted” at his choice to like members of the same sex.

Offended for all LGBT people and the young man in general, she took it upon herself to write a note on their receipt after paying for their dinner. It read:

“Happy holidays from the very gay, very liberal table sitting next to you. Jesus made me this way. P.S. Be accepting of your family.”

Woods shared an image of the note on Facebook with the caption: “Bought dinner for the strangers behind me talking about their ‘awful, gay, nephew, that they need to pray for.’”

Reactions to the form of activism have been mixed. Obviously, those who think the only form of acceptable union is between a man and woman are upset. Those that think that anyone should be allowed to love who they choose, however, have praised the young woman’s actions.

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